Harvested and Roasted in Bali

Our dream was to open up a coffee shop in the centre of Seminyak that not only serves premium quality coffee from local farms in Indonesia, but also roast and brew the beans ourselves within our café The Koop. So, we learned everything there is to know about coffee, from planting the seed, to harvesting, home-roasting and brewing. We got to visit local farms, meet coffee guru’s and collect top brewing equipment plus our own direct flame roaster built by Coffee Freak founder Asher Yarron himself.

Bakes with love from Bali

what is a good cup of coffee without a delicious slide of homemade bread or cake?
We were lucky that Jun, our close friends and top baker from Japan owning a busy Deli coffee shop in Japan, was willing to share his secret recipes with us. We learned to make delicious homemade Banana bread, cinnamon rolls, breakfast bread rolls, classic chocolate chip cookies, lemon tarts, chocolate tarts and cashew nuts tarts. We also got the hang of making our own crunchy homemade granola.
Our delicious breads and sweets are not only home-baked but we also care for your well-being and the environment, using natural ingredients without any colouring, preservatives or additives, sourced from local farms and organic wherever possible. Our cashew nuts, dried fruits and Rosella tea, come from Muntigunung, supporting a sustainable livelihood development project in 35 villages from the extremely dry region of Muntigunung in north-east Bali. For packaging we use biodegradable materials sourced from ‘Bio Wear’.


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Everyday on 07 am – 05 pm
(except Nyepi Day)


Our café The Koop is located in the heart of Seminyak. We are the wooden 2-storey café located halfway along Jalan Drupadi which leads to Oberoi’s ‘eat street’ on one end and to Gado Gado Seminyak Beach on the other.

Our coffees, Black as night, Sweet as sin!